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At Face Oxford, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, personalised care with the most best available products and treatments. We’re not here to change you, just to help you to look and feel the best possible version of you possible. The ultimate aim is to help you achieve the very best for your skin-health, appearance and well-being, which can help increase your confidence.

Cleansing and acne-what’s the low down?

So you’ve heard that cleansing is important when you have acne and you’ve tried sixteen billion and they just don’t seem to make a difference. Sound familiar? Is this something you should worry about or does it not really matter? Read on to find out more and get some tips on the way to choose a cleanser that is actually worth the hype. First up, let’s run through why a …

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Why should I have a skin consultation with an expert?

Have you tried a million different products from your local high street and felt they may smell or feel nice on your skin, but actually they have done nothing for you? Are you confused by the multitude of different products and ingredients out there and sick of buying things that just don’t suit you? If you are looking at overhauling your skin care, having those lip fillers you’ve always wanted, …

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Choosing a cleanser for sensitive skin or rosacea

Do you have problems with sensitive skin or rosacea and struggle getting a cleanser that works for you? Some cleansers can overly dry the skin or even sting and cause sensitivity. I also have people who come to me mentioning that they avoid using cleansers as they are too harsh or make their skin feel dry and worsen the issues. It doesn’t have to be like this, though. Pick the …

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