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Why should I have a skin consultation with an expert?

Have you tried a million different products from your local high street and felt they may smell or feel nice on your skin, but actually they have done nothing for you? Are you confused by the multitude of different products and ingredients out there and sick of buying things that just don’t suit you?

If you are looking at overhauling your skin care, having those lip fillers you’ve always wanted, working on a specific skin concern such as acne, signs of ageing, dryness, sensitivity, dark circles or whatever else it may be, booking a consultation with a specialist who can guide you in the right direction is the first step. Let’s delve in then and figure out what an expert can help with:

What is consultation & why is it important for you?
I think the consultation part is one of the most important stages of any treatment. It gives you the opportunity to meet your practitioner, to ask any questions you might have to become educated on why your skin is behaving the way it is and to get some advice on the things that may help. It is also a great time to get used to your practitioner – hopefully me and to get used to me & make sure I’m the right person to have your treatment with!

How does it help me?
From my point view, it allows me time to assess you, your needs & what you are trying to achieve to see whether they are realistic goals and whether I can help you to achieve them. This is really important, because for many things you need to have a course of treatment rather than just a single one. I can get a good idea of if and how I can help you so I can be open with you about this.

Setting expectations & giving you all the info
It also gives me the opportunity to let you know of any risks or side-effects & things like how long after your treatment you might want to take off work for example (this isn’t really required with many treatments but for example with micro needling some people like to do it at the weekend or on a Friday evening so they have a couple of days to get rid of the redness, for example).

What does it cost?
Consultations with me are complimentary, because I feel that they are so important in helping you to choose the right treatments at the right time. You can then either go home & have a think (there’s absolutely no obligation to do any more), or if you want to book in, I then take a deposit to book your treatment.

How long is a consultation & what happens?
Depending on your query you will have between 30 to 60 minutes of my time completely devoted to you. During this time I take a full history, your medical history, any other relevant information, as well as making sure that any medication you take is okay to have alongside the treatment you’re going to have. We go through exactly what you want to achieve & if I think it’s possible to help, I give you all the options, number of sessions and the cost.

Do I have to have consultation and my appointment on separate days?
Not always but especially if it’s your first time having a treatment, I do usually recommend it.

Do I have to make a decision then and there? Absolutely not and in almost all cases, I think it is best to go away with all the info you have been given, weigh it all up and decide if you want to go ahead. You should always be given this option as well as some written material and also the option to ask any other questions that come up.

If you would like to know more, please do drop me a line and we can arrange to have a chat or even book you in for your consultation.

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