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Cleansing and acne-what’s the low down?

So you’ve heard that cleansing is important when you have acne and you’ve tried sixteen billion and they just don’t seem to make a difference. Sound familiar? Is this something you should worry about or does it not really matter? Read on to find out more and get some tips on the way to choose a cleanser that is actually worth the hype.

First up, let’s run through why a good cleanser so important for your skin if you have acne and and when you should cleanse to get the biggest effect.

Cleansing twice a day is really essential in helping to keep breakouts to a minimum and helping to clear out hair follicles. ⁠When you sleep, you skin repairs itself and also produces toxins and sebum (oils). Cleansing in the morning helps to remove these and so will increase the effectiveness of products that you use on your skin in the morning. ⁠It also removes any products you popped on the night before that should not be on your skin during the day (like retinols/acids). It also helps to reduce the likelihood of your hair follicles become blocked with dead skin cells and oil which is the cause of white or blackheads. ⁠Keeping the hair follicles working in a healthy fashion will stop them becoming inflammed/infected with bacteria, leading to painful, pus filled spots or cysts. ⁠

Cleansing at night again helps to remove dirt and debris, including make up, from the day and helps to ensure that any products you pop on your face are more effective. ⁠There are some amazing active ingredients out there that can help you get control of your acne, but unless they can actually get to work on your skin, you may as well not bother. That’s where your pm cleanse is so important. If you have been wearing lots of make up or you are particularly oily, you may like to double cleanse. This simply means washing your face twice. Some people do this with different products, but I don’t usually recommend this, especially if you have the right one for your skin. I’ve recently been trying the face halo’s if I have heavy make up on, and these work a treat to get the make up off. They are also really good for the environment due to reducing cotton pad usage and I feel work out cheaper too. Just be aware that if you have acne and use any kind of cloth or even the face halo, you need to have 14 on the go and rotate after each cleanse you do to prevent spreading bacteria around your face.

Now for ingredients to look out for! The active ingredients in a cleanser that I would recommend for acne skins would have 2% salicylic acid in it. Salicylic acid is an oil soluble exfoliant that is amazing at treating acne. It is so good, I’ve done a whole blog on it-please check it out! Another great ingredient is oligopeptide 10, which works well with the salicylic acid to improve acne and kind of supports the action of the salicylic. Together they are a powerful combo! I also really like aloe, boswelia and honey in an acne cleanser. These all moisturise and soothe the skin which can be great for treating the inflammation that goes along with acne. ⁠

If you’d like any more information or would like a recommendation for a product with these in it, please get in touch.

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